Crisis pregnancies are life altering experiences for both men and women, no matter the outcome. Men are often confused about their role. Pregnancy Help provides a place to work through the questions and concerns that are important to the men involved in a pregnancy.

  • Listen- and consider her concerns and fears. The more you listen to her, the more likely she will be willing to listen to you. Whether she expresses it or not, she needs your support right now.

  • Express how you feel - Many men assume that because this is the woman’s choice they should not express their opinion. However many women want to know how you feel.

  • Talk about the pregnancy - With her, with parents, with family, with those close to you who can help and support both of you. It may be hard to start the conversation but it is better than never having it at all. Hiding it will only build tension in an already tense time.

  • Find the facts - There are many resources that you may not be aware of to answer your questions.

  • Rush into a decision - Take time because this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

  • Pressure her - It will only push her away.

  • Abandon her - If you leave you will lose any opportunity to be involved in the decisions and the situations that play out.

Keep in mind:

  • The woman legally has the final say in what happens until the child is born.

  • Legally, you are the father. You should understand your rights and responsibilities in the scenarios of parenting, adoption, and abortion.

  • The resources at Pregnancy Help are available to men. Some of the ways men use our services include: accompanying women to the ultrasound, educational and social services referrals, as well as participating in the decision making counseling.

Look at our services tab for more details about our specific services such as pregnancy testing, counseling, and education about resources. Contact us to make an appointment and receive free support.